Best Offroading Recreation Destinations In US

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the United States is to go to off-road destinations. These are places that will often require four-wheel-drive vehicles to get to some of the unique locations. These are located all throughout the United States, some of which are in very rugged terrain, whereas others are near beautiful forests, lakes, and ponds. Here is a quick overview of the best off-road recreation destinations in the US that you should see at least once in your life.

Jeep off roadingHollister Hills In California

At this State Vehicular Recreation Area, you’re going to find 24 miles of trails. There is one that is designed as a man-made obstacle course which will include a very tricky mud bog, a place that attracts thousands of people throughout the summer, especially on the weekends. You will have to drive into the Salinas Valley, near the city of Hollister. It is up in the mountains, several miles from the main road. If everything is wet, you will not be able to get there, so traveling during the summer and fall are often the best times to go.

Moab In The State Of Utah

Moab is a place that is known for Arches National Park, as well as Canyonlands National Park, both of which are incredible sites to see. You have formations that were likely formed at a time when this entire area was underwater, creating these beautiful arches that are amazing wonders of nature. In this southeastern area of use, there are also off-road in destinations which are designed for mountain bikers, off-road vehicles, and even people that like to hike or go rafting. Many of the trails are closed off to vehicles, but there are some that allow 4 x 4 trucks and other off-road rigs to get into areas that are absolutely beautiful.

The Mounds At Mount Morris In Michigan

If you want to go into an area that has soft and sandy soil, something you can tear up with your 4 x 4 vehicle, you definitely need to head to this area. There are a multitude of ponds, some small and medium in size, and it is highly recommended that you have 33-inch mud tires if you want to get your vehicle out at all. It’s also highly recommended that you have waterproofed electronics and that you roll your windows up during the ride. You are going to be covered from top to bottom with mud as you romp through these designated areas for off-road vehicles that come to this area on an annual basis.

These are just a few of the many places that you can visit if you would like off-roading as a hobby. If you have a 4 x 4 vehicle that can handle this type of terrain, these are places that you will want to go. Whether you go to Moab which is primarily dry, or into Mount Morris and Hollister Hills where you can get completely splattered with water and mud, all of these places will provide you with an exciting time. If possible, go with friends and family if you all have four-wheel-drive vehicles so that you can experience these incredible off-road destinations together.mounds at Mt Morris offroading